• Resa Sawyer

Got Shampoo Bars?

When you hear the word "shampoo", you probably think of a plastic bottle with a soapy liquid inside. It's what we've all used and there are aisles and aisles of it in big-box stores, and booths full of it at craft shows and farmers' markets. Some will promote their plastic bottles as having no BPA, and encourage folks to recycle. Which, unfortunately, is no longer a solution. Plastic recycling is almost non-existent - China is no longer accepting our waste, (and if you think about it, shipping garbage across the Pacific Ocean is not exactly a green solution) so plastic is being dumped in the oceans and in landfills. So when I wanted to make a shampoo, I wanted a product that would be great for your hair but wouldn't end up choking whales and sea turtles. So I experimented until I came up with a recipe that included my goat milk and honey, nourishing native herbs like yucca root, nettles, and yerba de la negrita, and rich oils (avoiding, of course, palm oil and GMO oils like soy and corn) that only needed a paper label!

But a little tutorial here - it's definitely different for your hair and scalp. My partner and I found that there was an initial period (just the first few shampoos) that our hair felt kind of heavy/oily. Then once our hair started getting used to it, we found our hair was softer and thicker, and both of us noticed we were losing a lot less hair when we brushed or combed. I always thought my hair was oily; sometimes having to shampoo every day. What I learned in all my research is that palm oil (often listed as sodium lauryl sulfate) actually denatures the natural oils in our scalp and skin - that's why your hair "squeaks" after shampooing and then requires a conditioner to replace the oils that were just stripped, and it stimulates the scalp to overproduce oils to compensate; hence "oily hair" (same with the tight, dry feeling after using a soap with palm oil, then needing a lotion right after bathing). Now I only shampoo 2-3 times per week. Dandruff is gone along with the itchy scalp, less split ends, thicker growth. And I have been hearing similar results from a LOT of customers that now won't use anything else! No conditioner needed, but as with all hair care products, you may get some build up after a couple of months of using it - just a quick rinse with apple cider vinegar occasionally (about every 2-3 weeks for me, but everyone is different) is all you need. So I hope that helps - I've been getting a lot of questions about making that switch! Not sure anything will work on Toby and Badger here, though!


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